Fish & Bicycles Goes Photoblogging

Well, now that I’m equipped with my new iPhone, I’ll finally be able to try something I’ve long wanted to do here at Fish & Bicycles.

Using the iPhone’s 5 megapixel camera, some cool photography apps, and the WordPress app, I’m going to try my hand at photoblogging; interspersing, amongst my normal, more long-winded posts, images captured on the go, with only the photo and a title.

One of the internal obstacles I’ve faced as I’ve thought about photoblogging in the past is the fact that I’ve never made any consistent attempt at photography, specifically as a form of expression. Oh, I’ve got albums, both physical and digital, filled with photos of family and friends over many, many years, but these images are purely documentation.

And so, I’ll admit it, I’ve been nervous about starting to post photos here because, well, they could very possibly be crappy for quite a while. Like most things in life, however, practice is the key, and you have to start somewhere. I knew that my regular blogging could be crappy for a while when I started nearly seven years ago, but that didn’t stop me.

In addition to the many great photblogs I’ve come across over the years, I take as one of my inspirations a blog that I wrote about at the beginning of this month: one a day. Now, I won’t be posting a photo every single day, in the way that Jessica Bonin posts a painting, but I will be thinking of my photoblogging as an ongoing work in progress, so that as you scroll through the photos they won’t be just considered individually, but rather as part of a larger work on the whole.

Now, without further ado, here’s my first photo:

Something Having To Do With Drugs?

2 thoughts on “Fish & Bicycles Goes Photoblogging

  1. I enjoy looking at photo’s on peoples blogs. The nice thing is they do not have to be perfect. they are a snapshot of life. Looking forward to both types of posts on your blog.

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