Hittin’ The Road!

Apropos my post from the 22nd, the guys and I are hittin’ the road this morning, and with the amount of rain we’ve been getting lately there’s something incredibly satisfying about heading south.

And while there’s rain in the forecast tonight there as well, our first stop is Medford, OR, where a friend’s in-laws are letting us pitch tents on their property.

Next morning, however, it’s off to Mendocino, where it’s supposed to be sunny and dry, albeit unseasonably cool.

Cool’s ok with me, however. That’s what campfires are for. Give me a fire to stay warm by, some good food, some beverages, friends and my guitar and I’m a happy camper.

Per my post from yesterday, I’ll be trying to do some photoblogging from the road, so hopefully I’ll have some images to share soon.


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