The Voice Project

Well, it’s time for another in my unplanned series on cover songs — see: The Art of Interpretation, Funkin’ Up The White Stripes, Video Fridays: Mark Ronson, Video Fridays: Neil Young.

The Voice Project is wonderful non-profit that raises money and helps coordinate programs in Northern Uganda. I highly recommend following the link to their About page, to watch the informational video there and learn more about their work.

One of the ways they raise awareness, awareness that hopefully leads to donations, is through recruiting a wide range of musicians to perform terrifically informal cover songs on video, and in many cases they’ve managed to create mini cover song chains, wherein the song they perform inspires the artist they’re covering to perform a song by someone else, and then that someone else performs a song, etc.

The collection of videos on their home page has proven a delight, having exposed me to some musicians I’ve never heard of, in some cases covering songs I know very well in a refreshingly new way, and in other cases musicians I know well offering up songs by other artists who I’m not familiar with.

I was particularly taken by the following video, performed by a favorite artist of mine, Andrew Bird, along with someone new to me, Priscilla Ahn providing sweet harmony vocals, covering a song by Cass McCombs, who is also new to me. That it’s shot on a back porch evokes so many wonderful memories for me, of making impromptu music with friends, blending our instruments and voices, and occasionally having everything fall beautifully into place.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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