Overkill River

I apologize for the lack of variety of topics this week, as this will be my third day in a row posting something about music (Monday: The Voice Project; Tuesday: Happy Birthday, Bob), but I just couldn’t pass this one up.

This morning, a friend emailed me this video of a recent performance by the band Okkervil River on Letterman:

So, no, I didn’t accidentally misspell the band’s name in my blog post title.

By my count, there were 11 people — three electric guitars, one acoustic guitar, one bassist, one pianist, one drummer, one cellist, and three guys whose only purpose, it appeared, was to play tambourine, bells, and clap their hands — playing a song that could easily have been played very well by five.

If that isn’t overkill, I don’t know what is.

Meanwhile, as I’ve written before, I can’t even find one bass player and one drummer to commit to rehearsing one night a week.

Yes, that makes me jealous and bitter, a fact for which I make no apologies.

Anyway, I felt a little better when, after the song was done, after shaking their hands and thanking them, David Letterman offered up this advice, “But seriously, think about making some cuts.”

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