Precipitation Blues

The rain in Bellingham is legendary. It either drives people to depression, to move to Arizona, or to wear Gore-Tex.

Appropriate, then, that I’ve written about the rain quite a bit, in ways ranging from matter of fact, to dismissive, to angry as hell.

Well, we’re currently having one hell of a cold and wet spring…

Via The Bellingham Herald:

Bellingham on track for temperature record – but not the good kind

If temperatures don’t warm up in the next two weeks, Bellingham may beat its record for the longest stretch of days below 70 degrees.

As of Wednesday, May 25, Bellingham had gone 240 consecutive days without reaching 70 degrees, as recorded at Bellingham International Airport.

The record is 254 set in 1955, according to the National Weather Service, which keeps records for Bellingham as far back as 1949. In 1955, it didn’t hit 70 until June 6, said National Weather Service meteorologist Carl Cerniglia.

Now, if this was just a matter of our comfort level or our mental/emotional health, then I probably wouldn’t chime in on this news.

But, this is getting more serious than that.

Also from the Herald:

Lack of sunshine creating problems for Whatcom Co. farmers, dairies

As this cold, wet spring continues to deprive Whatcom County residents of much-desired sunlight, local farmers are becoming increasingly concerned about what this is doing to the crops.

Now, that said, I may have stumbled upon a solution.

This morning as I was donning my rain gear, preparing to pedal my bicycle to work in a nasty downpour, my wife suggested that I just drive to work, but I forced myself to get on the bike.

I got soaked…

…but then about 15 minutes after I arrived on campus the rain stopped, the sun’s been peeking out from time to time, and it hasn’t rained since.

So, what we’ve gotta do is get everyone to get out on foot or on their bicycles and act like it’s not raining at all.

It’s a kind of sun dance.

It could work!

Who’s coming with me?!!

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