Rescuing The Couch Potato

There is perhaps no more vivid a symbol of American gluttony and the resultant skyrocketing of obesity than the couch potato.

Well, thanks to some clever Europeans, there might be hope for couch potatoes yet.

Via designboom:

designed by jacek holubowicz, the eccentric ‘sofa bike’ has been conceived for the notion of the ‘bike date’. the design includes two separated 8-gear hubs, hydraulic brakes (all operated by a front handle bar), and dynamic chain steering for manoeuvring through the streets. two extra soft bolsters are included that can be removed according to the driver’s height. the ‘bike couch’ is also equipped with a sound system, 17 AH battery and a folding roof with gas springs.

I’m reminded of a post I wrote in May 2010, after having attempted a calorie neutral night of beer drinking, and just love the idea of combining health, sustainable transportation, and fun!

Just check out the bike couch in action!

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