Celebrating Eco-Progress: Sherwin Williams

I grew up seeing the Sherwin Williams Paint logo I’ve included here in hardware stores, but it wasn’t until many years later, when my awareness about the environment and what we humans were doing to it peaked, that I realized just how over-the-top sick the image really is.

While it’s hard to give props to a company that still uses that logo, the following seems worthy of a Celebrating Eco-Progress installment.

Via GreenBiz.com:

Sherwin-Williams was awarded for its water-based acrylic alkyd technology being used in some commercial and architectural paints. Alkyd paints are commonly made from oil and emit high levels of volatile organic compounds. The technology being used by Sherwin-Williams results in low-VOC, water-based paints that are made from recycled plastic bottles and soybean oil.

Since launching three paints using the technology in 2010, the company says it avoided the emission of more than 800,000 pounds of VOCs, and avoided the use of 1,000 barrels of oil by instead using 250,000 pounds of PET plastic and 320,000 pounds of soybean oil.

Every little baby step forward counts, in my book.

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