Urban Goat


3 thoughts on “Urban Goat

    1. I mostly feel the same, but I do have mixed feelings about folks who let their chickens roam around outside with no fences. While I’m a total free-range, cage-free advocate, I don’t think it makes sense in a neighborhood where there are lots of raccoon and cats and dogs running around all the time, not to mention cars driving by.

      We’ve had some neighborhood squabbles around this, chicken owners getting angry at pet owners because dogs have killed chickens, and I really have to side with the pet owners. It’s not more humane to let your chickens roam free if by doing so they are in more danger.

  1. totally agree with the free roaming vs free range. Free range is good, free roaming is bad for both the chickens and the neighborhood pets and cars. I would feel horrible if I hit the neighbors chickens (which they let wander loose on Northwest ave, a VERY busy rd). not fair to me or the chicken if I hit one. There is a great example of the perfect chicken set up in the sunnyland neighborhood on the corner of Sunset and Illinois. chickens fully contained in a huge fenced yard with a fully waterproof safe chicken coop.

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