Wilco Will Comply

I’ve written numerous times about my favorite band, Wilco, and I write again today fairly ecstatic about a new single I’ve heard this morning for the first time.

I’ve loved almost everything frontman Jeff Tweedy and the band have done over their remarkable 17-year career, and how often can anyone say that about a music group? I honestly keep waiting for them to disappoint, and every time I hear a new song and then a new album I’m blown away by how consistently good their music is and how they keep striking new sonic ground. (Pet Peeve: Lazy music writers who still call Wilco an alt.country band.)

Well, sure enough, the new song, I Might, from their upcoming 8th studio album, The Whole Love, is incredibly refreshing, upbeat, with a detectable Elvis Costello influence. Considering that Rock & Roll history is so strewn with stories of musicians burning out, selling out, or fading away, it’s hard to believe that the band sounds so good, so lively, given they’ve been touring extensively since their last record, Wilco (The Album), was released two years ago.

Anyway, without further ado…

Via Pitchfork:

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