Eyecatchers: Up On The Roof

Kind of a funny Eyecatchers installment today, via Inhabitat.

While I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE most of the design of this rooftop space, I’m not so sure about this bit:

If you’re a parent raising kids in a city, you are likely to turn green with envy over this private rooftop park and playground built on top of a turn-of-the-century buildingin the Nørrebro neighborhood of Copenhagen.

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The parent in me sees the little kid in the photos, chasing the ball on that “shock absorbing” orange playground space, and that, what, 3-4ft. fence, and rather than envy I feel dread fear.

Of course, a designer might say that a higher fence line would detract from the design, but why the chain link? What if the fence was taller but utilized clear plastic panels?

2 thoughts on “Eyecatchers: Up On The Roof

  1. I like the whole concept of utilizing roof tops. can you imagine a city where EVERY building had a roof top covered in plants, gardens, greenery of some sort? maybe a solar panel or to, rain catching systems? it really seems all so easy…This park looks fun but definitely would need a taller fence.

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