It’s A Radiohead Kind of Monday

I was feeling utterly uninspired to write anything today, scouring the interwebs for something interesting yielded nothing, until…

…I came across an in-studio performance by Radiohead of their entire latest album: King of Limbs.

As I wrote nearly a year ago, Radiohead impresses me with their disciplined musicianship. I love the intricacy and precision they wield, and I almost feel like a better musician myself just for listening to them. When I sit down with my guitar afterwards I’m much more mindful of everything I play, less prone to sloppiness, less likely to try and muscle my way through something that almost always sounds better with finesse.

Now, one thing about Radiohead, for me, is that I’m not always in the mood for such moody music, but when I am I’m ecstatic for it, and today is definitely a Radiohead kind of Monday.

And so, without further ado…

(Note: Due to copyright issues, the video of King of Limbs is no longer available, and so here’s a fan-shot full-concert video from the King of Limbs tour, with high-quality soundboard audio provided by the band.)

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