Considering Google+

So, I got my invite to Google+, I now have one person — the person who invited me — in one Circle and a couple of posts in my News Feed, um, I mean, Stream between the two of us, and…

…frankly I can’t be bothered.

Seriously, I’m too frickin’ busy to build a whole new social network on this new platform that…

…looks almost exactly like Facebook!!!

I mean, what’s the point? Facebook, while not perfect, works and all of my friends are already there and settled in. The friends who aren’t are either on Twitter or they’re not going to join any @#$%^&* social network! Ever!!!

So, sorry Google, the Circles thing is cool and all, but unless I can add my Facebook News Feed and my Twitter Feed to my Google+ Stream, I’m not going to…

…um…what’s this? Google Chrome Extensions that add your Facebook and Twitter feeds to your Google+ Stream?

Did I say I was too busy?

3 thoughts on “Considering Google+

  1. Was hoping g+ did not take off as I really don’t need another social networking site to try and keep up with…Still on the fence whether to put to much time into it.

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