“Wildwood Chronicles” On Their Way!

I’ve written twice before (Post 1, Post 2) of my love and appreciation for Portland, Oregon band The Decemberists, and while I’m still basking in the honeymoon stage with their latest album, The King is Dead, from early this year, as of today I have something else kind of Decemberists-related to be excited about.

The band’s frontman and songwriter, Colin Meloy, is one of the most literary pop musicians I’ve ever come across. And so, when I learned back in December 2010 that he would be publishing a novel, I wasn’t surprised that he’d venture into the world of print. That he somehow managed to squeeze the project — not just a novel but a three-book children’s trilogy titled Wildwood Chronicles — in between all his recording, promoting, and touring activities, on the other hand, surprised and amazed the hell out of me.

And now, it’s practically here:


In my April post mentioned above, a Lyric of the Day installment on the song Rise To Me, from The King is Dead, I wrote that, as a fellow father of a son, I deeply related to Meloy’s loving instruction to his boy Hank, to stand strong as he encounters life’s many challenges.

And as I read about Wildwood Chronicles, as I scanned the excerpt available on the website, I could tell that the sensibilities and wild imagination that are Colin’s stock in trade, including his loving appreciation of the childhood experience, have come together in an extraordinary way.

I’d been hunting for a new book to read aloud with my son, a parental ritual that, I’m happy to say, my 13-year old is still willing to indulge, and now I believe I most definitely have found it.

For now, I’ll leave you with this delightful video of Colin Meloy and his wife Carson Ellis, the illustrator of the book and all of the Decemberists artwork, a celebration of their beautiful, collaborative labor of love.

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