Suzuki’s Every Van: A good idea, but…

Suzuki Every Van EV
When I came across a post at Inhabitat this morning about an EV van that Suzuki is testing out in small numbers in Japan, I had a strong feeling of déjà vu.

My initial reaction was excitement and my thoughts went something like, “Awesome!!! Think of all the mini-van parents and road trip hippies that would love this thing.”

But then I read:

At full charge, the Every has a maximum range of 62 miles…

…and it all came back to me.

Back in December 2008, at my old blog, Transcendental Floss, I posted something similar after reading about a fleet of cool-looking EV sport utility trucks reportedly planned for deployment in Maui, HI.

3.5 years ago I wrote:

Finally! An electric car that actually looks practical for the average American family…

Heck, a guy could even make a trip to The Home Depot in this thing and not feel ridiculous!

Alas, no amount of Googling would provide any information as to whether or not the EV trucks ever made it to Maui, so I have to assume that the the project didn’t make it very far out of the starting gate. After all, you’d think there would have been all kinds of press surrounding the arrival of the vehicles, construction of the EV infrastructure (charging stations), and coverage of the EVs in action, but there was nothing that I could find.

So, I’ve seen this movie before. Great idea for a vehicle that could meet the needs of folks who need to move more people and stuff around than most EVs will allow, but terrible execution or insufficient technology.

I mean, a range of 62 miles and five hours to recharge?! That might work on the island of Maui, but it’s terribly impractical just about anywhere else. So much for the road trip hippie market, as that’s one pathetically short trip.

Hopefully some of the other EV products in the works, that I’ve written about here, will manifest as a better solution.

2 thoughts on “Suzuki’s Every Van: A good idea, but…

    1. Exactly! The two keys to a successful EV revolution are, in my opinion: practicality and affordability.

      Along with the two-seaters and sedans, there have to be trucks and min-vans and they have to have good range in order to meet the first criteria, and it seems like a no-brainer that vehicle that meets those criteria AND is affordable would sell like CRAZY!!!

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