Celebrating Eco-Progress: LG

This latest installment of Celebrating Eco-Progress — a recurring series that praises companies for their efforts towards sustainable practices — turns its attention to the Korean electronics and appliances giant LG Corp.

GreenBiz.com reports:

LG Earns First CarbonFree Certification for TVs, Fridges

LG Electronics is hoping to appeal to the more climate-savvy consumer when it launches next year the first TV, fridge and other products to carry the CarbonFree logo.

Created by the Carbonfund.org Foundation, the certification means that a product is carbon neutral, achieved by a company reducing or offsetting related emissions.

Sure, not every LG product is going to be CarbonFree-certified, but it’s a start, and LG’s making other investments in sustainability as well:

LG is taking both tacks [reducing and offsetting] for shrinking the carbon footprint of its products, including an $18-billion investment by its parent LG Group to research and develop energy efficient and renewable energy products…

As for what happens to products once consumers scrap them, LG is working with the E-Stewards Initiative to promote and expand responsible e-waste recycling. In being named the first Global e-Stewards Enterprise, LG has committed itself to give preference to E-Stewards certified recyclers around the world.

Since opinion is split on just how effective carbon offsetting is as a means to tackle global warming, if LG was only purchasing offsets I wouldn’t be as impressed.

So, kudos to LG!

(Full disclosure: I own an LG HDTV, the picture quality is great, but the remote SUCKS!!!)

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