Off to Heliotrope Ridge!

Taking a rare Thursday off from work and heading up to the Heliotrope Ridge trail, to get up close and personal with the Coleman Glacier and Mt. Baker!

One of the blessings of living in Bellingham is that there is so much hiking nearby, and yet there is so much so close that I often satisfy my hiking habit within a fairly short distance from my home, sadly rarely making it out and up to the Cascade Mountains just about an hour’s drive away.

But, when you have a day off and a friend in town from southern California who has never been in the Cascades, well, it’s a perfect time to head up for some of that alpine goodness; stands of old trees, meadows of heather, wildflowers, and blueberries; glaciers; and our friendly neighborhood active volcano.


4 thoughts on “Off to Heliotrope Ridge!

  1. I just found your blog through a link about your post on fish and wind farms. What nice vibes you have here at f&b 🙂 I live in central Indiana, but have heard of Bellingham via Joanna Powell Colbert’s blog at her site, Gaian Tarot. You both soothe my soul.

    I’d love to hear what you saw today — critters, birds, glaciers? I used to live in Virginia Beach and loved the smell of the ocean. Does the glacier and mountain have a certain smell? You’ll have to be my legs, eyes and nose. LOL! I hope you had a beautiful day hiking with your friend.

  2. Hi Suzanne!

    Thanks SO much for your incredibly warm and appreciative thoughts. It’s really nice to get feedback like that.

    The day was AMAZING!!! The weather was perfect, the trail beautiful and fun to hike, and the destination, at the glacier and the mountain, was breathtaking. There were still large patches of snow up there and the streams were swelled with water, with waterfalls all around us.

    The clouds seemed to part just for us and we had our lunch overlooking the glacier, surrounded by wildflowers.

    Our friend had a great time and we’re all bone tired in the best way.

    I see you have a blog too, so I’ll check it out soon!

    1. Your journey yesterday sounds so beautiful. My father lived in Anchorage for several years and I visited him. I saw Portage Glacier as well as a silt-laden, extremely dangerous looking river fed by melt-off. I remember a lake of water from a glacier that was a light turquoise blue. I visited in August and the clouds were so low that when we visited Seward I had to buy postcards of the harbor to see what it looked like! We stopped in the middle of nowhere to pick some wild blueberries on tundra and as I stood there I felt myself sinking! A very eerie, interesting feeling. I don’t know if it was officially tundra, but had that look and was certainly not solid ground. My blogs are very specialized. You are so welcome to visit. Wishing you a loving day with family, friends and co-workers.

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