Eco-Village with Style: Leave it to the Italians!

You know, I go on and on and on here at Fish & Bicycles about how awesome it is here in Bellingham, Washington, especially when it comes to sustainability, but leave it to the Italians to show the world how to do sustainability in style.

Yes, on the outside, it looks like just another charming medieval village in the Italian countryside, but…

Via Inhabitat:

The village’s restoration began in the 1900s. The project incorporated eco-friendly principles and materials while ensuring that the village retained its traditional elements. The renovation used local stone, natural lime, and natural insulation, so the original aesthetic remains wholly unchanged, while wooden windows and eco-friendly paints compliment the buildings.

The completed eco village uses solar panels to produce hot water and renewable energy, and there are also composting toilets for the residents to use. Working as part of the GEN Global Ecovillage Network, the community is developing its permaculture goals with several organic permaculture gardens and fruit orchards.

It’s a brilliant example of merging old-world, sensible living practices with contemporary reuse principles and technology, all done with drop-dead gorgeous aesthetics:

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