Jess Flegel and her bicycles

So, it was tea time on Sunday, and I was enjoying a good book and a pot of Earl Grey at a favorite afternoon leisure spot, the Book Fare Café at Village Books — a favorite spot because it’s an easy walking (5 minutes) and even easier bicycling (2 minutes) distance from my house — I’d ridden my bicycle this time, and much to my delight I discovered Bellingham artist Jess Flegel‘s Bike Show on display in the gallery.

You know, for me, quilts usually evoke stale images of old farmhouses and county fairs, but Jess’ work puts a modern design spin on the medium, with playful, smallish decorative pieces rather than grandma’s bedspreads.

And, her work really shines in a show setting, where you can see the various approaches she took to the bicycle theme, where the individual works, while successful on their own, really add up to a cohesive whole when grouped together.

If you’re local, try to check out this last stop of the Bike Show before it’s gone, perhaps attending the closing reception on Sept. 24th, 6-8pm.

If not, do check out her blog and her Etsy site at the links provided above.

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