Eyecatchers: Øivind Hovland

Many thanks to my fellow bloggers over at Chicquero, for turning me on this morning to the work of Norwegian illustrator Øivind Hovland. (BTW, how much do I love that Norwegian “Ø”? Well, a lot!)

Because of my LOVE of bicycles, of the many amazing Hovland pieces posted at Chicquero, this one, for obvious reasons, caught my eye:

Hovland’s work is full of playfulness, subtle humor, and an eye for the silly absurdities of modern life. And while a few pieces are a bit on the dark side (1, 2), overall his portfolio is far from morose.

I’m tempted to post more images here, but rather, I’ll just recommend making a visit to Chicquero, where they’ve posted a nice, extensive sample, or to Hovland’s site for a few more.


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