Glove Love

I was done with work for the day, had a class to go to from 6:30 to 9pm, WAY across town, I was on my bicycle, I noticed it was cold, realized it would be a lot colder at 9pm for my long ride home, I’d recently lost my cycling gloves, and so I stopped at my favorite bike shop, Kulshan Cycles, and I bought the cheapest hand wear they had:

Oh, I was kind of aware of the Life Is Good-inspired graphics when I bought them, but I didn’t fully grasp, pun intended, the message until my 13-year old son took his first look at the gloves a week later, and the immediate thing he saw was what finger the “Have a Good Day” message was on, and that on the finger tip pads on the other side there was a frown on that same finger, whereas there are smiles on the other three.

THAT is clever design! At once in your face and subtle.

Kudos to Pryme for their creativity and efforts to spread some good will.

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