Eyecatchers: Now THAT’S Recycling!

Having just moved after nearly 20 years in the same house, an effort that involved moving more cardboard boxes than I care to think about, cardboard boxes scavenged from recycle bins all up and down the alley between Railroad and Cornwall avenues downtown, cardboard boxes that I’m still, a week later, largely living out of, I never thought I could find pleasure in anything cardboard-related ever again.

Then, via Inhabitat, I saw this:

Constructed entirely out of office waste…

Waste becomes an opportunity with this pavilion commissioned for the London offices of Bloomberg Philanthropy. The entire project was pieced together by Liam Hopkins of Lazerian, using only recovered cardboard and shipping pallets to create the undulating structure. Dubbed Pupa, the project is part of a larger art commission, “Waste Not Want It”, which requires the reuse of refuse to create inspired pieces. Pupa not only repurposed tons of cardboard and wood, but it created a valuable meeting space that takes advantage of the acoustic properties of cardboard…

The project was developed to inspire employees to rethink what they take for granted…

So, does this inspire me to rethink what I take for granted?


Does it inspire me to take all the cardboard boxes from my move, now that they are slowly but surely being emptied, cut them up into triangles, glue them together, and create my own Pupa?

HELL no!

Then again, I DO have a 14-year old son who is always looking for ideas for school art projects…

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