Lost 1978 Rolling Stones Record Found!!!

If you’ve been a Rolling Stones fan as long as I have, you either don’t want to say how long, because it will remind you of just how old you are getting and you don’t like that kind of mortality check, OR you say so with pride, perhaps having learned a thing or two from Jagger and Richards and company about just how frickin’ cool, virile, and creative you can be even in your late 60s…

…um, where was I?

Oh yeah, well, I’m old enough to vividly remember when their 1978 album Some Girls was released and how thoroughly saturated FM radio was with songs like the disco-influenced Miss You, the sex-drenched title track, the country-drenched Far Away Eyes, and eventual classics like Beast of Burden and Shattered…sha-doobie!

Awesome, then, that the Stones have reissued Some Girls in a deluxe edition that includes 12 previously unreleased songs from the sessions that produced the album. And while it’s always great to hear Some Girls, the 12 previously unreleased songs are nothing short of the fulfillment of just about every music geek’s fantasy: You travel back in time and one of your favorite bands records a new album during one of their peak periods.

Paste describes them:

But even more fun than listening to the revved up version of album cuts is sifting through the 12 unreleased songs included. Typically outtakes, lost songs, unreleased tracks, or whatever you want to call them didn’t make the cut for a reason. This certainly felt true for the solid, but mostly forgettable songs included in the Exile package. They are for the fanatics and archivists panning for little nuggets of gold in an already well-picked-though mine. The same can be said for the ones included here. Most didn’t make the album because they just didn’t have the spark that “Shattered” and “When The Whip Comes Down” did. That being said, what you have here is a ridiculously strong collection of songs that any other band would have killed to release.

While I’d agree with the last sentence, that this is, “a ridiculously strong collection of songs that any other band would have killed to release,” I disagree with the qualifier that is the rest of the paragraph. I’d argue that these previously unreleased tracks have just as much “spark” as anything the Stones have ever done, and I’d caution the Paste writer that it’s important to remember that the “spark” heard in the Some Girls songs is, in part, the product of over 30 years of airplay.

According to Wikipedia, the Stones recorded nearly 50 songs during the Some Girls sessions, some of which turned up on their next two albums, the equally classic Emotional Rescue and Tattoo You, and now we know they could have released another classic as well.

Simply put: The band was on fire!

To celebrate this gift from the music gods, let’s watch this amazing clip of Some Girls, from Martin Scorcese’s incredible 2008 Stones concert film, Shine A Light:

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