Lego Personality Retardation Disorder Redux

Listen, I thought I’d exposed the emergence and threat of Lego Personality Retardation Disorder in my post from February. Sadly, however, it appears that my warnings have not been heeded and the madness continues to spread.

Via World Architecture News:

Travellers passing through London’s famed St Pancras Station will alight to a festive treat this season as the concourse is transformed with the appearance of an immense Lego® Christmas tree. Constructed over a period of two months from 600,000 miniature bricks the jolly addition stretches 38ft into the air and is decorated with more than 1,000 Lego® baubles.

So sad. To think of the countless hours of work over that two-month construction period that could have been applied to more important matters.

Heck, in this case, just think of how this “Christmas Tree” will be completely lacking any pine or fir smell whatsoever!

Blasphemy, I say!

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