Sometimes, I Just Gotta Hear “Seven Nation Army”

Sorry if this might seem like a throwaway blog entry. Like Fluff. Filler.

But, while it’s true that I don’t have anything else to post right now, there is absolutely nothing throwaway or fluffy about wanting needing to hear Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes right.this.frickin.minute.

So, here’s the video, click and get it started, and I’ll try to explain while it’s playing.

See, it all started this morning when I was listening to Democracy Now! on my way to work. It’s the kind of show that NEVER candy coats the news, and it never fails that by the time I’m done listening I need to vent, or rock out, or both.

Well, they played an excerpt from Seven Nation Army during a break in a sequence with their correspondent Anjali Kamat on the revolutions in Egypt and Libya, and it was like a perfect zeitgeist storm, the driving power of the music and the attitude that propels it totally fit the story of a people, living under a dictator for many years, who finally decided they’d had enough and proceeded to take action to gain their freedom from tyranny.

Seriously, I firmly believe that it is in no way an exaggeration or overstatement to say that Seven Nation Army is one of the greatest four minutes of Rock & Roll music ever recorded. I’m not even a huge White Stripes fan. I don’t even own a whole album of theirs.

But, Seven Nation Army has a timeless riff that belongs in that great canon of rock riffs, side-by-side with any of the legendary contributions from The Rolling Stones, The Who, Led Zeppelin, Cream, Jimi Hendrix, etc. And Meg White’s drumming…damn! It is so beautifully simple and yet so utterly powerful that it always brings a smile to my face. When the verse ends and the distortion on the guitar really kicks in there is such an intense surge of energy, and Meg does this subtle syncopation that matches what Jack’s playing so perfectly…it’s pure.magic.

Anyway, if you’re like me, four minutes is much, much too short, and you’ll click on play and listen to it again when it’s done.


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