Electronic Music Explained. So, Why Am I Still Confused?

The other day I overheard this exchange between my son and his friend:

My son: Dubstep is so popular!

Friend: Yeah, it’s crazy!

My son: What is dubstep, anyway?

Friend: I have no idea.

This comes as a HUGE relief to me, cuz, you see, the worst fear of any music geek parent who grew up on Rock & Roll is the day when your child knows more than you about popular music.

Anyway, I was initially filled with great hope and enthusiasm when I saw this tweet yesterday:


Finally, or so I thought, I would be able to understand the difference between Techno and Trance and Trip Hop and Dancehall…and maybe even Dubstep!

But then I watched this, and however cool it is, with its eye candy graphics and obviously insanely knowledgeable narrator, I’m sorry to report that I’m still pretty clueless:

5 thoughts on “Electronic Music Explained. So, Why Am I Still Confused?

  1. favorite dubstep:

    Interesting how popular it is right now, I have noticed it in so many commercials.
    Range Rover, NorthFace, I am know there are others, just can’t think of them right now.

    On that note, I can only listen to electronica for so long before it all starts sounding similar 🙂

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