My Life In Film, Continued

As I was writing this morning’s post, wherein I set the record straight that the book and movie titled High Fidelity were actually about me, I had this nagging feeling of déjà vu, a gut notion that I’d written something similar before.

But, I’ve published over 750 posts here at Fish & Bicycles, and I didn’t have the time or patience to browse through them looking for the right one.

Then, a few hours went by, I was browsing my Twitter feed, and I came across this…!/Glen_Hansard/status/157932646960332800

…and I clicked on the link provided and within seconds of seeing where I’d landed, at the website of former music journalist and current filmmaker Cameron Crowe, I remembered!

You see, not only was High Fidelity about me, but Cameron Crowe’s 2000 film Almost Famous was about me as well, as I made clear in my December 2009 post titled Six Degrees of Cameron Crowe.

And finally, it all comes full circle, you see, it’s all connected, because what I found on that webpage on Cameron Crowe’s website was his list of the Top Ten Albums of 1973!

(Note: If you haven’t read my post from this morning, titled I Lived High Fidelity Before High Fidelity Was High Fidelity, then you must in order to get the significance of Crowe’s Top Ten list.)

3 thoughts on “My Life In Film, Continued

  1. Some great albums in there ( I love calling them albums ! ) which I remember well… having been 19 at the time! so when are you going to grow up F&B ? 😉

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