Snow & Rose Hips

10 thoughts on “Snow & Rose Hips

  1. Oh, you love Garrison Keillor too! I am in love with your blog already, you had me sold when I saw that you were a lover of A Prairie Home Companion! I never thought that I would meet a fellow APHC lover on WordPress. APHC has been my absolute, hands down, number one most favorite show ever since I was old enough to understand and appreciate what I was listening to, which was probably when I was about three or four years old. I have been hooked to APHC ever since. My absolute most favorite sketches from the show are Guy Noir and The Lives of the Cowboys…I used to listen to APHC every Saturday night at 6 to 8 PM. It was the highlight of my week! I felt so warm and comforted when I listened to that show. APHC is excellent, and GK is a national treasure indeed. Thank you so much for bringing back some wonderful memories for me…Ah…(Sniffs)… 😀

    1. I’m impressed that you liked APHC at such an early age! I didn’t discover it and fall for it until I was 30 or so.

      Frankly, if you’d played it for me when I was younger and told me that one day I’d love it…well, you know how crazy I’d think you were.

      I mean, hillbilly music, gospel hymns, classical arias, and goofy stories about Lutherans?

      No, I’ll stick to my Rolling Stones, thank you very much!

      But then something profound shifted for me. I became obsessed with American roots music, and I started to actually pay attention to those goofy stories and noticed that they were at turns hysterical and beautiful, that the radio acting troupe was deeply talented, and now I’m a devoted fan.


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