World’s Smallest Punk Rocker

20 thoughts on “World’s Smallest Punk Rocker

  1. Cool picture and what a pretty bird! I’ve actually been trying to use my Google-fu and a handy bird book to figure out what it is for the last few minutes…conclusion, I know nothing about birds.

      1. Hi, yeah I saw that comment 🙂 My back is actually quite good. The part that was fixed by surgery seems to heal day by day. Unfortunately I have some other issues that remain like before – I suspect some kind of damage to my tail bone. But the “only” trouble is I can’t sit. I can walk, which I do a lot with my funny fur companion, doggy Lukas. I started working after Christmas, though just two half days per week. I look forward to March when I will be allowed some training and physical therapy, until then I’m not allowed to bend or twist or carry heavy stuff.

        But all in all I’m greatly happy with the things that are repaired. Gory details on

        1. Yikes! See, these details about just how long the recovery is really scare me, and that photo of the surgical wound makes me all queasy.

          I got it!!! All I have to do is print out that blog post of yours and your comment here about just how long the recovery is taking and post it somewhere where I can see it every day, several times a day, and maybe that will keep me motivated to stick with my core strengthening. 😉

          Thanks for the update, and I sure hop you will be able to to sit soon!

          1. Thanks! It’s not as bad as it seems, I can assure you. They also supply lots of nifty pills whenever needed (I’m almost off those now). Like I said before; I doubt strengthening alone would save my back in the long run, so still I’m happy having done this.

            BTW, I have linked to your site from mine, hope that’s OK 🙂

    1. And just as I thought there would never again be colors around here, we got a glimpse of the northern lights – aurora borealis. Do you have them? Not too spectacular tonight, but still something other than the black and grey.

  2. what a beautiful contrast. And what a fun bird. Looking forward to Spring but the Snow does make for some great photo opportunities. The gray not so much, time to get out the photo editing software and play with some color boosting.

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