Eyecatchers: Claire Brewster’s Birds

Back in March 2011, I blogged about the stop-motion animation work of Anderson M Studio, having been blown away by the painstaking paper art involved, and today I discovered some more beautiful paper art, this time from British artist Claire Brewster.

Brewster’s work, cut out of old maps, is a wonderful salute to the bird’s ability to fly freely above the topography that we ground-bound creatures must work so hard to navigate. The maps themselves add color, texture, and a 3-D quality to the birds that I find very appealing.

Via Colossal, here’s a sampling, though I highly recommending checking out Claire’s blog to see more of her work:

Oh, and I must say, I couldn’t help it, but Claire Brewster’s work made me think of this:

5 thoughts on “Eyecatchers: Claire Brewster’s Birds

  1. Beautiful! I admire the patience in those making art like this. And this post made me think of a local psaligrafi-artist here, she’s about to make a name these days, wanted for exhibitions in Europe and stuff; http://www.fineart.no/doc/kunst_for_alle_2009/03_vejle

    Enjoy your week – we have some -15°C here, dry, scarcely sunlight, cold, cold, cold… Well, we love to complain about weather and at least it gives ut something to talk about. 😉

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