Eyecatchers: Valerie Buess

I might as well come right out and admit it.

I’ve become a Christopher “ThisIsColossal” Jobson fanboy.

The thing is, he posts the most consistently interesting, regularly beautiful, and occasionally astounding art and design of any site I know.

Just a week or so ago, I blogged about an artist working with paper, Claire Brewster, whom I discovered at Colossal, and now today I’m blown away at Colossal once again, by another artist working with paper in a painstaking technique that is hard to imagine having the patience for.

But, oh the results! (You MUST click on the lede photo to see exactly what’s going on there.)

By now, rolled paper crafts are fairly popular, fueled originally by a variety of fair trade importers supporting microbusinesses in Africa, and you can now find bowls and picture frames and coasters at art fairs and import stores far and wide.

But Valerie Buess takes this idea to a whole other level, creating stunning objects both abstract and representational. Her work is not confined to this rolled paper technique, so do treat yourself to a nice chunk of time to explore her website, where you can view a vast collection of her work.

Here are some of my favorites:

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