Gro Furniture: An Antidote For Planned Obsolescence?

If you’ve seen the excellent-if-depressing video, The Story of Stuff, a critical look at humanity’s out-of-control consumerism, you know how big a problem planned obsolescence is.

Back in January, I wrote about Sprint’s goal to make it easier for their customers to upgrade obsolete phones or fix broken ones in order to reduce E-waste, but today I’ve come across an idea that, at least in concept, raises the bar for planned obsolescence antidotes. Let’s call it planned resilience.

Introducing, via Gizmodo, Gro Furniture:

You won’t be able to wear the same duds from toddler to teenager, but a company called Gro Furniture has created a reconfigurable crib that you can theoretically use from the day you’re born, until the day you die.

It’s kind of like a giant-sized building toy, and by swapping various components what starts as a baby’s crib can be re-configured to a toddler’s bed, a day bed for older kids, and eventually an adult-sized desk.

Now, I say this raises the bar at least in concept, because, with a $1,900 price tag for the base unit and all the accessories that allow you to modify it for all of the various uses, it’s not likely to become more than a niche product.

Still, all that said, I like the vision!

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