News From Nationals

Per my post from Thursday, here’s a quick report from Colorado Springs, where tonight my son Julian competed in the Qualifiers for the American Bouldering Series National Championships.

Sadly, despite his best effort, not just tonight, but for the past weeks of intensive training, Julian will not move on to Semi-Finals tomorrow.

It was a pressure packed experience, he’s feeling a lot of disappointment, and it’s hard to see him go through that after all of his hard, hard work.

I don’t have time to provide details, but suffice to say, I am tremendously proud of my son, and it was totally worth it to make the trip here.

6 thoughts on “News From Nationals

  1. Disappointing for him…It’s always tough but there has to be winners and losers.. The fact that he didn’t get through does not negate his effort

  2. Congratulations to Julian! It must have been an incredible experience. I hope he remember that there are not many who have done what he has…much to be proud of!

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