Keep on Reaching

7 thoughts on “Keep on Reaching

    1. He’s bouldering, mr. needl. You’ll notice he’s not wearing a harness and there’s no rope trailing down behind him.

      Competitive climbing is separated into two seasons, bouldering and ropes, with regional, divisional, national and world championships for both seasons.

      During ropes season, climbers up through the age of 12 use a top rope, and starting at age 13 they lead (aka “sport”) climb.

      Ropes season is now underway already, but Julian’s debating whether or not to compete. He’s been nursing a nagging though not limiting, overuse injury to both of his middle fingers, and so he might take some time off to heal, which would prevent him from competing in the minimum of two local competitions needed in order to compete in Regionals.

      We’ll see.

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