Upcycling: Guitar String Flowers

So, I have two primary creative outlets.

First is this here Fish & Bicycles blog thing. Second is music, guitar playing to be exact.

Awesome, then, to come across the subject of this installment of my Upcycling series: guitar strings artfully repurposed as a bouquet of flowers by Julia Friend. (via CanDoodles)

I’ve been playing guitar and changing strings every few months for something like 25 years, and it’s always struck me as unfortunate waste when those spent strings went into the trash.

I only wish I had the patience to make my own guitar string flowers. After all, as Candice at CanDoodles points out, these don’t wilt, and I’m notorious for neglecting to water my green, leafy friends.

Julia’s tutorial couldn’t make it any easier, so perhaps one of you dear readers would like to give it a try.

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