Fish & Bicycles Continues To Conquer The World

As mentioned last week, Fish & Bicycles is poised to take over the world.

In my first post on the subject, I named a few key countries that were glowingly absent from my stats page, and in my second I welcomed my first visitors from Greece.

Well, it seems this public outing of countries who have not discovered the joys of Fish & Bicycles is proving rather successful.

Logging in today, I see that Iceland has put aside her frustration over having been misnamed (Yes, Greenland, I’m looking at you.), and I’m told that six Icelanders have now paid me a visit. (I hope they saw my post declaring my love for Icelandic pop music from December 2011.)

Other countries named last week that have now come to their senses:

  • Monglolia
  • Chile

Mongolia, I really don’t know how well you get on with your next-door neighbor, Kazakhstan, but you gotta admit that they’ve got one of the coolest names of any country on the map, so why not say hello and recommend Fish & Bicycles to them? (Actually, I reserve the right to say the same thing about the other “-stan” countries in your region. Uzbekistan is an awesome name, and Kyrgyzstan gets props for making one’s eyes go blurry, trying to figure out how to pronounce it. How cool is that?)

Chile, a warm welcome to you. Friends of mine were there recently, exploring Patagonia. Thanks for showing them a great time. You’ve distinguished yourself above all of your South American neighbors on the west coast. I’d be grateful if you could spread the word to Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia. Thanks!

And all you other countries out there, be warned, I’ll call you out as well, as long as I have to, if you don’t take a moment to say hello.

Mwah, ha, ha, ha! World domination is within my grasp!

5 thoughts on “Fish & Bicycles Continues To Conquer The World

    1. Interestingly, I was visited at one time by a blogger from your home country, Helen, and their blog is all about Iceland, but I never attracted an actual Icelander until I outed Iceland directly for neglecting to visit me. 😉

  1. I share your fascination with the lands of visitors.:-) I have been meaning to blog about the feeling of vast expanses looking blank; and then one visitor from the Russian Federation and, wow!, what a difference. Seems disproportionate somehow to have all that space colored with one visit – I guess we have a delegate system of representation!

    1. I see what you mean about the seeming disproportion, but the map is designed so that the more visitors we get the color gradually changes from yellow to red. I think we’ll see more variation in color as time goes by, given that the map only shows data from the beginning of March 2012.

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