Wednesday Morning Mood Music

Sometimes words fail to explain why one feels a certain way at any given moment, and this certainly was the case for me this morning.

It’s the kind of situation where music really comes in handy, and for some reason the music that spoke for me was Modest Mouse, specifically the following version of one of their earliest songs, 1996’s Dramamine.

There’s something I relate to in Isaac Brock’s slightly unhinged vocal delivery, something familiar about how the band’s performance, full of abandon, seems right on the verge of either exploding or crumbling apart…

Wait, maybe there is one word from the song that does fit, the title in fact.

No, I’m not literally motion sick, but sometimes the motion of life — all those ups and downs, all those twists and turns — does get to me, and Brock’s guitar seems to sing with the kind of queasiness that this motion has been known to induce.

But listen. Don’t worry. As I write this, pausing now and again to notice the sunshine out my window, I’m actually feeling better.

Time to get on with the day.

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