Spring In Bellingham Is A Fickle Mistress

Seriously, just this past Saturday my friend texted me the photo you see here, with the message:

Back deck, sunshine, beer, get over here now!

While we are blessed with mild winters here in Bellingham and springtime often comes early, which I’ve written about before (Post 1, Post 2), it’s rare that we have the kind of sunshine we just had this past weekend, with temperatures in the mid 60°s F, and I swear, this is what the conversation was like, out on that deck, basking in the glorious sun:

My Friend: Can you frickin’ believe this?!

Me: It’s amazing!

My Friend: I’m wearing flip-flops for godsake!

Me: It’s amazing!

My Friend: It’s like California out here!

Me: It’s amazing!

But then Monday came, heavy sigh, and this is what I woke up to:

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