Video Fridays: Joe Strummer

It’s been a while since I posted a video of one of my favorite music artists, Joe Strummer, but today I’m just in that kinda truth-telling, rockin’ out kinda mood.

If you loved The Clash, especially if, like me, you loved their work from the 1979 London Calling onward, it’s impossible for me to understand how you wouldn’t like Joe Strummer’s solo work, especially the three last albums he released with The Mescaleros.

What was so mind-blowing about London Calling was how a band known for fairly straightforward punk rock music broke out with a double album of songs with influences ranging from reggae to jazz to disco and more.

Well, Joe never stopped listening to and being inspired by music from a wide variety of genres, including music from all around the world, and nowhere was that more evident than on the 2001 album Global a Go-Go.

This song, Bhindi Bhagee, plays around with his international influences, with food acting as a metaphor for how international music is. If you haven’t heard the Global a Go-Go album, I really can’t recommend it enough.

Happy Weekend, everyone!

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