Who Will Be Fish & Bicycles’ 1,000th Commenter?

Every time I post something new here at Fish & Bicycles, WordPress congratulates me on my latest achievement and informs me how many posts to-date I’ve published.

Well, I’ve been creeping toward the 1,000 mark (currently 855) and thinking I’d write something celebratory when I get there, but this morning I noticed in my stats that I’m much closer to reaching another milestone.

As I write this, I’ve received 999 comments from readers since my first post in October 2009.


While this may seem like a small number, compared to blogs that get that many comments in a few days, I like to think of it as a quality over quantity kinda thing.

Besides, I didn’t start this blog in hopes of it becoming an online community. There are plenty of those, thousands, maybe millions, out there already.

Here, every single comment is precious to me, whereas the comments at so many other sites very often descend into trivial arguments, bickering and negativity.

I wish I could offer up a prize for whomever submits the 1,000th comment, but I can’t. There are no ads on Fish & Bicycles, I make no money at all from this endeavor, but I do earn the satisfaction of maintaining a consistent creative outlet.

So, I hope that you, my 1,000th commenter, will settle for a hearty, personal thanks and my gratitude for your taking the time to visit me here.


10 thoughts on “Who Will Be Fish & Bicycles’ 1,000th Commenter?

    1. Hooray!!!

      Yes, it’s you, Helen!

      I’m so grateful and have enjoyed getting to know you through our blogs.

      I look forward to many more exchanges here and at your online home!

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