Video Fridays: Dispelling Stereotypes of African Men

Today’s Video Fridays installment could easily be a Tweet of the Day installment as well.

Chris Anderson, the TED curator, tweeted a wonderful and badly-needed video produced by African NGO Mama Hope.

Here’s a little something about Mama Hope:

At Mama Hope we believe that there are enough resources in the world for every human being to live healthy, happy lives. We envision a world where resources are correctly shared across the globe to provide the tools communities need to thrive.

Through our projects Mama Hope has unlocked the potential of over 76,000 people in Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana and Uganda…and we are just getting started.

Mama Hope works in close partnership with local African organizations to connect them with the resources required to transform their own communities.

All our projects are managed for and by partner communities themselves to ensure sustainability. So far, we have achieved our mission by funding the completion of schools, health clinics, children’s centers, clean water systems and food security projects.

The video is particularly noteworthy for how it takes a deadly serious subject and injects humor without diluting the message.

Shame on Hollywood for participating in the perpetuation of negative stereotypes of African men, and thank you to Mama Hope for reminding us all that there are realities beyond the movie screen.!/TEDchris/status/195961644881424386

5 thoughts on “Video Fridays: Dispelling Stereotypes of African Men

  1. I had to click on your post when I saw your continental map that copied the same format with the flags in each nation, that I had colored in by hand, to impress a professor. It worked, he didn’t want to give my paper back. But I really like the message, and I’d like to learn more about Mama Hope now myself, so thank you!

      1. Too bad I would have to go dig it out of old boxes of old college papers…. It took me half the night, but I was in love with the product! I’m a geographer -> go figure! 😉

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