Tweet of the Day: @Booooooom

Here’s a thank you shout out to Jeff Hamada (aka @Booooooom) for his tweet today, sharing a video of some animation by Masanobu Hiraoka.

I found this piece thought-provoking, an animated dream of sorts. From an aesthetic perspective, the, to me, odd color palette contributes to the uneasiness suggested in the title, and yet Hiraoka’s other animations all utilize similar color choices.

I couldn’t find any detailed bio information on Hiraoka, but it seems he’s self-taught and now rather successful. A fellow blogger at Idealist Junk has a great post on the animator’s work, as well as three other videos.

Anyway, without further ado…!/Booooooom/status/197129793500745729

5 thoughts on “Tweet of the Day: @Booooooom

  1. Wow. That was fascinating, and extremely well done. As an English major, I couldn’t help but look for the meaning or story behind it. Guess I’ll have to read the Cliff Notes! Thanks for sharing this–it was very visually compelling.

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