Upcycling: Extreme Dryer Conversion

One of the many things I love about upcycling is that the projects I’ve seen, as well as the few I’ve done myself (latest example), range from useful, to purely aesthetic, to simply silly and playful.

Today’s Upcycling installment clearly falls into the latter category.

Dave Haldane of Tallahassee, Florida posted the following video to YouTube, documenting his conversion of an electric clothes dryer into a ping pong ball shooter, and initially it left me feeling jealous of his engineering skills and his collection of tools.

Once I got over that, however, this project just made me happy due to its downright ingenuity and goofiness.

4 thoughts on “Upcycling: Extreme Dryer Conversion

    1. Yeah. There’s that quote by Michelangelo, “”I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.”

      This guy saw a ping pong ball shooter in the dryer and set it free!

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