More Comedy From Craigslist

Back in April, I posted an ad from the Musicians section of Craigslist that was hilarious and clearly a parody.

Well, today I bring you another funny ad, this time from the Musical Instruments section, only…

…this is not a parody. LOL!

Get this POS out of my house – $20 (Bellingham)

It is a “Series 10” and made in Korea.

Basically I inherited this thing. It has no strings and definitely needs a polish up to say the least. I heard a rumor that the electronics don’t work…but I imagine it’s a soldering job at worst.

It looks to be straight…if that matters. I have never used this thing but it’s a bunch of wood shaped like a guitar so…that’s not bad, right?

Make an offer…$20 seemed like a good place to start.

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