Gals + Bicycles = Menstrual Monday

Every once in a while, I’m contacted, via the form on my About page, and asked to help promote something or another. Usually I’m not interested, but yesterday, the following got my attention in a big, big way.

Cuz, if you’ve been paying attention, you’ll know that I HEART bicycles.

(All you Bellingham women out there, especially, check this out!)

Hi Fish and Bicycles,

My name is Kristen. I’m a co-organizer of a Seattle monthly women’s bicycle ride called Menstrual Monday. We are hosting our second annual all-lady alley cat bicycle race called Girls of Summer on June 23rd. Last year’s race was a big success — we got 46 racers out and had prizes for all of them. This year, we’ve added even more sponsors and have a great prize pile that includes a brand new road bike from Raleigh.

I’m writing today to ask for a favor. As I mentioned, we had a good turn-out last year and we’re looking to expand this year. We had only one rider from Bellingham, so we’d like to make sure that we’re doing a more thorough job of advertising this year. We searched google for Bellingham bike blogs and shops, and we stumbled upon your blog…

Say what you want about the bluntness of this group’s name, but they are AWESOME!

The Menstrual Monday gals are incredibly well organized (the list of sponsors alone is a testament, as it’s not easy to get sponsors in these tough economic times), their website has entertaining reports from their previous monthly rides, and it’s clear that they are having a great time, building community, and getting folks out of their cars, off their couches, and onto their bicycles.

Click on this ad for their upcoming Girls of Summer event for more details. Sounds like a GREAT time!

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