Eyecatchers: The Many Flavors Of Bicycle

Well, I guess it’s just a bicycle kind of week, here at Fish & Bicycles.

After Monday’s post about a women’s cycling group in Seattle, this morning I came across a wonderful photo essay at the Boston Globe, an homage to my favorite human-powered form of transportation.

This really is an amazing collection of images, 49 of them, in fact, from all over the world, representing the bicycle in all of its many flavors, some immediately familiar, and some I’d never even dreamed of. That these are beautifully shot, high-quality photos makes them all the more enjoyable.

Here are some of my favorites, but be sure to check out the whole gallery, where you can read captions describing the subjects. (Also, you can click on all of the photos below and see them in a larger format.)

135 thoughts on “Eyecatchers: The Many Flavors Of Bicycle

    1. Thanks for visiting, Courtney!

      One of the things I love the most about being a daily bicycle commuter is that I’m part of an international community of folks who use a bicycle as their primary means of transportation, either by necessity, or as a choice for a healthier planet.

  1. next to running and swimming, i choose cycling as my “other exercise”.. thank you for sharing the link, enjoyed it so much!

  2. I recognize some of these photos even though credits have not been given…that sperm bike is from…Denmark. I saw it last year. Same for the bikes hanging on the external all.

    1. Hi Jean.

      Concerning the credits for the photos, I state clearly that they were discovered at the Boston Globe website, and I provided links to that website, which is standard etiquette.

      Also, the the caption to the sperm bike photo on the Boston Globe site says the bike is from Seattle, so perhaps there’s one in Denmark made by the same company?

  3. To the commenter with the lovely screen name “wordpuker”, I deleted your comment only because I found your avatar offensive, not because of what you said in your comment, which was:

    I run longdistance and compete with wheeled species and anything with wheels pisses me off. All wheels did was get us from point A to B quicker, ie. nowhere

    To that I say: to each his own.

  4. nice set of pictures!
    the one from Thailand, captured when it was flooded, was actually very close to where I live!

  5. Yeah…bikes ROCK! Across the globe they serve as transportation. But it’s so much more than that. Bicycles represent work, sport and recreation. It’s an international symbol that everyone can recognize. It’s a child’s toy that’s perfect for adults. It’s a skill and and an art form. Is there really anything more glorious than feeling the wind on your face that you’ve achieved under your own pedal power?

    Wonderful post!!

  6. As a former weekend cyclist now pressed into weekday cycling to do errands since I sold my car last week, I really appreciate the worldwide perspective you applied to your post! When I am out on a ride and realize I am fifty-nine and still doing this exercise, it really makes me realize what freedom and joy cycling provides. Kudos on being Pressed like a ride on a Freshly aired morning!

  7. Reblogged this on Frankmaglin's Blog and commented:
    What facinating work you all do. Id love to take time to learn the steps on getting those balloons in the air. Such a beautiful site and way to see the country! I can relate but you guys def have me beat!

  8. Had you seen the new postal stamps? Really cool, child on cycle progressing through his life. I’ll try to attach, if I’m not successful I plan to use in one of my upcoming blogs.

  9. Great post. People think cycling is about travel and fitness, but it is really important for kids as it teaches them about taking risks, making judgements and being responsible for their own actions. Too many of them are driven everywhere and they don’t know how to cope with dangers. I find if I don’t cycle for a while, all my reflexes become slow and I don’t think as well. that’s not just about exercise, it’s about having to react fast to the road.

  10. Very cool. Love the bike collection. Love how universal they can be. Perfect for transportation and recreation! We do a lot of touring on our bikes – you can say it has been the focus of a number of our vacations over the years – cycling in Mallorca being the big one! Also did the trans-Canada ride – awesome way to see the country.
    Great post. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Cool photos! There’s something really sweet and innocent about the school girls on the pedi cab. I am currently obsessed with vintage bikes. I just purchased a green 1960’s schwinn at a local thrift shop, cleaned it up and think it’s just the most adorable thing in the world. SCHWINNING!!!

  12. Lovely pictures, for the first time I saw some different bicycles, that explains a lot on innovation and creativity. Great job for collating them.

  13. Ahhh hahha It took me a minute to figure out what the Bulllit was! LoVe the variety of bike photos you put together 🙂

  14. Great and thanks for sharing your find! I love the track-cycling picture and the two cycling in opposite directions. Then I popped to the source and I loved all of it. Made my day, thanks for sharing!

  15. Wow this is a great post and the images are eye-candy to me! Thanks for this post!

    PS. I run a blog about bicycles myself and will most definitely use some of these awesome pictures!:)

  16. what an array of beautiful photos! I’d love to be able to take such pictures, but since I can’t, I am thankful for folks posting them so I can enjoy them.

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