I’ve Been Freshly Pressed

So, I use WordPress.com as my blog host, and on the WordPress.com home page they have a feature that highlights “the best” of the nearly one million blog posts published each day by WordPress.com bloggers in a feature they call Freshly Pressed.

The folks at WordPress select ten new posts per week to add to Freshly Pressed, and my post from yesterday was chosen. As a result, I was treated to a day of unprecedented traffic.

It’s become cliché to post about having been Freshly Pressed, but then it has also become cliché to call it cliché to post about the experience.

I’d like to simply say this:

  • Thanks SO much to the thousands of folks who have been visiting Fish & Bicycles these past few days!
  • Thanks, especially, for the many likes, follows, and comments!
  • And, as I wrote back in February, in a post titled Likes and Follows and Blogging, Oh My!, while I wish I could respond to everyone who takes the time to stop by and mark their visit in these ways, while I wish I could reciprocate and visit the hundreds of wonderful blogs you represent, to show you my appreciation, since my blogging is an unpaid, part-time pastime, squeezed out of precious stolen moments each day, I just can’t do it.

So, one last thanks, and back to work!


13 thoughts on “I’ve Been Freshly Pressed

  1. Well done F&B… fame at last !!!!! I’m on holiday in Sorrento at the moment so not up to date with my favourite blogs.. Very, very pleased for you 🙂 Hells Bells

          1. It’s a 2 way process.. this is my 2nd trip with them, I was in Iceland last year, and it’s great fun. we holiday as equals and I get as much out of it as they do..

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