New Out of Office Feature: The Best Of Fish & Bicycles

This Saturday, the family and I will be heading, rather counterintuitively, to Arizona for a week-long, or so, vacation. (I say it’s counterintuitive, because there are few places more enjoyable than right here in Bellingham, Washington during the summer, we live here because it never gets too cold or too hot, and yet where we’re going it will be in the 90s F everyday. I’m already thirsty!)

Anyway, in the past, when I’ve traveled where I’m unable to add new posts to the blog for more than 3-4 days, I typically post suggestions for how to, while I’m gone, browse around the many entries I’ve published since I started Fish & Bicycles in October 2009.

And while I will include that information here in a minute, I’ve also come up with a new idea, in recognition of the fact that those of you who follow Fish & Bicycles have chosen to, at least partly, because doing so brings the content to you: i.e., whenever I post something new, you get an email notification.

Introducing: The Best Of Fish & Bicycles!

I’ve been mining the archives, 937 posts as of today, to be exact, and compiling a collection of my favorites from the past two and half years, and each day during my absence one or two of these posts will be republished.

Since many of you have only recently discovered Fish & Bicycles, it could be that you won’t even notice that I’m on vacation!

In the meantime, if you’re so inclined, please also feel free to browse around here in any of the following ways:

  • Tags: In the sidebar, under Stuff About…, you can click on any of the Tags and see all the posts I’ve done that have at least something to do with those topics.
  • Recurring Series: At the top of the page, hover over the Recurring Series drop-down menu and select from options like Celebrating Progress, which applauds businesses adopting sustainable practices; Eyecatchers, a collection of photos, graphics, and videos that have, well, caught my eye; Video Fridays, my favorite video of the week pick; and more.
  • Archives: Towards the bottom of the sidebar, select a specific month to see everything I posted in that time period.

Barring any unplanned catastrophes, such as falling from the South Rim of Grand Canyon to a rather unpleasant end, I’ll be back with brand new content starting on Tuesday, June 26th.

Until then…

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