Video Fridays: Flaming Lips’ World Record

I’ve been a big fan of Oklahoma City, OK’s purveyors of psyechedlic music, The Flaming Lips, for a few years now, and so the last few days have been exciting, as the Lips attempted to break rapper Jay-Z‘s Guiness World Record for most concerts in a 24-hour period.

And break it they did, in grand fashion.

Unlike, Jay-Z, who used his private jet to perform seven shows from Atlata, Georgia to Los Angeles, California in 24 hours, the Lips traveled by bus to eight venues from Memphis, Tennessee to New Orleans, Louisiana in the same time frame, all of it streamed live as part of the 2012 O Music Awards.

In a bizarre coincidence, on the same day that the Flaming Lips started their record attempt I found out that the band I’m currently in, after having only played three gigs in the past three months, has been booked for three gigs in 72 hours this coming week, a private party on July 4th, and then a doubleheader on July 6th, 6-8pm at one venue and 9pm to, well, very late, at another. Add in rehearsals Tuesday and Thursday nights and the week will easily be the biggest music marathon I’ve ever participated in.


And so, for this week’s Video Fridays installment, I’ve chosen a clip of the song the Lips played as they officially broke the World Record. Appearing quite ragged after 24-hours of shows and miles and miles on the bus, I can only imagine that I’ll be similarly wiped out by the closing of our last gig on the 6th.

So, for now, Happy Weekend, everyone!

(Click on the following image to view the video at the O Music Awards site.)

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