Tweet of the Day: @springsteen

I’ve written before of my love of Springsteen, a love born from having grown up in New Jersey, where his music was like the state soundtrack.

And while I still love him so dearly, he lost me a little in the late 1980s, as the music he started producing and my musical tastes diverged, and now I have to be honest and say that I don’t listen to anything he released after 1982’s Nebraska.

Springsteen released both of his first two albums in 1973, the two albums combined have a running time of only 84 minutes, meaning that if Springsteen debuted these days it could have nearly been one album…and it would be a classic.

But that was nearly 40 years ago, making the following performance all the more impressive, still edgy and rockin’ and full of soul.

(Since this post was published, the video is no longer embedable, but it can be found here.)

2 thoughts on “Tweet of the Day: @springsteen

  1. My husband is a huge Springsteen fan. I never cared for him much until I met Michael. He introduced me to “Darkness on the Edge of Town”. EPIC!

    1. I swear, I was listening to “Darkness on the Edge of Town” when I read your comment, Cyndi!

      My two favorite songs from that album are the two that got the least amount of radio airplay: “Something In The Night” and “Streets of Fire”.

      Yes, EPIC!!! 🙂

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