Nudity: A Juxtaposition

Serendipitous synchronicity really is an amazing phenomenon. If your eyes, ears, heart and mind are open, you’ll actually notice that it happens all the time. As I move through my life, I’m often stopped in my tracks by two or more items that I discover, in close succession, from different sources, that happen to be related in some way.

Sometimes it’s sad, as in one case I noticed and blogged about back in May.

But these experiences can elicit a wide range of emotional reactions, and the one I came across this morning made me chuckle heartily.

From The Atlantic:

The Naked World of Spencer Tunick

For 20 years now, New York-based photographer Spencer Tunick has been creating human art installations all over the world, calling together volunteers by the hundreds or thousands, asking them to remove their clothes, and photographing them in massive groups. His philosophy is that “individuals en masse, without their clothing, grouped together, metamorphose into a new shape.” He aims to create an architecture of flesh, where the masses of human bodies blend with the landscape, or juxtapose with architecture.

From McSweeney’s Internet Tendency:

Spiritually Cleansing Naked Places: Some Insider Advice

By Dani Burlison

So you’ve been stressed. You need a vacation. The nagging tendonitis from hours of editing your unpublishable manuscript has left you frustrated, tense. A friend suggests you join her for a day trip to the semi-local Hot Springs resort. You can’t drink there, but you can get a massage and soak your aching, overworked body in hot mineral water while surrounded on all sides by rolling hills and wildlife and fresh air and naked men. Here are some crucial insider tips for making the most of your experience:

Always wear big, dark sunglasses. Again, the sun is bright out there in the wild, wild world of naked hot springs. You need protection. You also need those glasses to shield your delicate eyes from so many unwanted soul stares that are guaranteed while visiting the magic crystal lands of spiritually cleansing naked places. They also serve as a softening screen when presented with the many, many pale white asses and tenderly scalded crispy pink buns that come frighteningly close to your face. Bonus: Dark glasses make it possible for you to ogle the rare attractive man or woman lounging near the pool without looking like a total perv…

Be sure to check out the entirety of both pieces, the former as long as you don’t have a problem with images of nudity, especially at work, and the latter, as long as you can handle some explicit language, slang and otherwise, describing specific body parts.

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